Beli Velg Brabus Monoblock 3

The journey for this kit came when he decided that a 1 off metal widebody was the route he wanted to go with, much like his previous Altima build (featured here in January 2015.) Unfortunately, there was a small oversight in the plans, as the M4 has plastic front fenders. So, what was he to do? Go Liberty Walk or PSM like everyone else? That wasn’t going to cut it. So, he picked up the Varis kit thinking he’d at least be a bit different than the rest of the crowd.

There were a few more issues though. First, he had already decided on some pretty serious wheel specs, too much for the kit he had purchased. So, it all had to be widened to shoehorn those in place. The other thing was that the complete Varis kit was just too aggressive for the overall aesthetic of this build. Something had to be toned down.

Ditching the supplied canards, hood, and wing did the trick, replacing what he could with OEM BMW GTS parts to help transform the look just slightly away from racecar and more toward aggressive street car. One last thing, that paint color is a Porsche PTS (paint to sample) color called grey black. To me, a perfect offset of the carbon roof and yellow accents through the vehicle.

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