Pasang Turbo di MCM Motor

I’ve noticed over the years that as my preferences for cars and particular styles change, I tend to lock onto certain details in each build that stand out to me. Lately, it’s been brakes that catch my eye. This car is no slouch in that department. Those 400mm D2 Racing brakes with bright yellow 8 pot calipers jump right out.

So much that somehow, you barely notice the massive triple black 20×11 and 20×13 Rotiform SIX wheels. Maybe that’s all part of the big picture here, a subtle detail on a not so subtle car. Either way, it all gets neatly tucked under the fenders by Airlift Performance struts and 3H management. Dinan anti-roll bars and some SPL camber arms allow him to dial in the handling on this beast.

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